Andy Pag: Inspirational Speaker & Innovative Eco-Adventurer

As Kermit said, 'It is not easy being green.' Especially if you are, at heart, a bit of a petrol head.

Andy Pag has spent two years driving around the world powered by used cooking oil in an old school bus he salvaged from a scrap yard. This journey was part of a series of experimental expeditions searching for a way to travel sustainably. Andy has driven a chocolate-powered lorry to Timbuktu in Mali (a world-first carbon negative expedition) and organised the 'Grease to Greece' rally for cars fuelled on restaurant scraps.

After twelve years of leading vehicle-based expeditions to remote part of Africa and the Sahara Desert, Andy was inspired to change the elements of his life that were unsustainable. Andy's entertaining talks explore how each experimental eco-adventure has taken him closer to understanding exactly what sustainability really means and ever more clues on how to achieve it.

An engaging and entertaining speaker, Andy tailors his talks for each event but typically speaks on topics such as:

  • Sustainability
  • The Environment
  • Staying Motivated in Tough Times
  • Teamwork & Engaging with Communities across Cultures
  • Embracing Change & Challenge
  • Travel & Transport
  • Science

Rave Reviews

'Andy was extremely engaging, authoritative, enthusiastic and yet measured. He backed up his words with great photos and plenty of good stories. In short, very entertaining and people will remember him and his story.' (Deloitte)

'Andy wowed the crowd and transformed the evening into a rollercoaster ride of adventure and insightful lessons.' (Porters Progress)

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Andy Pag

Andy Pag

Andy Pag