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Sébastien Foucan: Inspirational Speaker, Personal Appearances

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Sébastien Foucan is the founder of freerunning.  Sébastien is widely known for the opening scenes of Casino Royale in which he attempts to outrun British secret agent 007 played for the first time by Daniel Craig in the opening scenes of the 21st James Bond film.  Sébastien performed during Madonna's Confessions tour and in the acclaimed documentaries Jump London and Jump Britain.


Sébastien Foucan’s story and his thoughts about freerunning deliver inspirational messages in memorable way.  Sébastien believes that understanding freerunning and how and why he jumps can help people think about their own attitude to choices, boundaries, difficulties and seemingly insurmountable ‘walls’ in their own life, work culture and environment.  Sébastien quite literally finds a creative path through a landscape of obstacles working with fear and contemplating challenge and difficulty in a creative way.

Sébastien is a memorable speaker.  It is not just the jaw-dropping footage that Sébastien shares during his talks (and the footage of Sébastien’s jumps certainly has the ‘wow’ factor).  It is not just the stories of working with the actors and stunt crew on the film Casino Royale either.  When Sébastien talks, he takes the audience into his world.  He shares a very honest and deeply personal view of the art of freerunning and why it holds such significance for him.  All delivered in his memorable, funny and informal style.

'Sebastien was a speaker at our annual creative event, the ITV Big Think. We wanted to create a bespoke free running video to be shown at the event.  The final VT was absolutely fantastic, very cool and innovative, showing Sebastien performing his art form whilst taking in ITV buildings. The audience were very impressed.  Sebastien as a speaker is extremely energetic, clear and funny.  He spoke very powerfully about facing your fears and achieving your dreams and was a great inspiration to our audience.  We would recommend booking Sebastien again for future events.'

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Sebastien’s story demonstrates that we can have a vision to do things differently.  In his talks, Sebastien stresses the importance of a positive attitude and staying open to opportunities.  He talks honestly about how he works with fear (and never ignores it).  Freerunning is calculated risk and not recklessness: preparing the mind and body is essential.  But Sébastien inspires others to be a little more courageous, to believe that we can take small steps and embrace change.  Who knows where this may lead?  Ultimately, for Sébastien this leads to a spectacular, inspirational moment when making the jump becomes possible - a leap of faith.

For more information on booking Sebastien and to check availability email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Sebastien is based in London, UK.