Focus on what you can do, not on what you can't...

Book Yachtsman Geoff Holt MBE: Disability Sports Ambassador

Although sailing is a key thread in Geoff’s life, Geoff’s story is not about sailing. 

His life demonstrates the power of the human spirit and it captivates audiences every time he tells it.  It is journey through life of an amazing man told with passion and humour.  Geoff Holt engages audiences by making them feel involved in every step of his journey and he demonstrates, with great sensitivity, our ability to deal with challenges when they present themselves in life.  Above all, it is a 'feel good' story leaving audiences up-beat and inspired to do something positive within their own lives. 

'Excellent, inspiring, humbling and absolutely worth taking the time to hear his story - when you hear someone present in an engaging and entertaining way on how their spirit and perspective has enabled them to achieve great things with a broken neck, such as navigating around Britain… and changing the lives of many with his example of perseverance and leadership, then you realise your own limiting beliefs or minor complaints need to be cast aside!'

Delegate feedback: Barclays

'City Burnout' & Developing Psychological Resilience

Book Justine Hardy for your next Healthy Living Week or Event Focused on Mental Health & Well-being

Justine Hardy knows that the corporate world (and the financial world in particular) eyes mental health with extreme suspicion. We often work in an environment that makes it hard for people to reach out for mental health support.

Justine writes: 'Having spent many years treating post traumatic stress my experience is that the symptoms of  'city burnout' are similar to those experienced by soldiers and civilians living through war and violence. Those whom I work with in private practice in London, and on college campuses on the East Coast in the US,  go through the same treatment programme that we use at the organisation that I run in Kashmir, a long-term conflict zone.'

'In Kashmir we are treating people who are suffering from post traumatic stress caused by living through long-term violence. We help them to understand the human response to extreme pressure. We guide them towards a clear grasp of the difference between useful, productive stress, and irrational, damaging anxiety.  My experience has led me to believe that this method, created to treat those living through war and violence, also applies to those working in intensive working environments. In London and US the people I treat are lawyers, doctors, surgeons, bankers, students, other psychologists and psychiatrists, all people in professions and environments that are subject to extreme and intensive pressure.'

'Our model of therapeutic psychological resilience training is being replicated in situations ranging from refugee camps in Jordan to post-graduate training programmes in the US.' 

'I just wanted to thank you for your speech for the EY Mental Health Group.  Judging by the significant numbr of questions you had, you clearly hit the right note with the group and gave a very candid speech.  Thanks for your support driving greater awareness of mental health.' 

Ernst & Young LLP

Microadvenures: Health, Activity & Well-being

Book Alastair Humphreys to talk about Microadventures

Corporate audiences appreciate that Alastair’s concept of microadventures delivers relevant messages around creative thinking, change, finding opportunities within constraints, personal and team development, as well promoting physical and mental well-being.

Audiences recognize that microadventures are an innovative way of initiating change, encouraging an adventurous spirit and a better work-life balance through ‘five to nine thinking’.  The concept of microadventures led to Alastair being named as one of National Geographic's Adventurers of the Year.

‘His talk was absolutely spot on.  I think the micro-adventure movement has real legs – particularly in mental health and physical well-being.  Thanks again for a brilliant booking.’

Second Royal Tank Regiment

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