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Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE: Keynote, After Dinner, Awards, Educational Talks

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Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE is an explorer who has influenced, mentored and inspired several generations of explorers and adventurers.  Throughout his extraordinary career, John Blashford-Snell (JBS) has lead over a hundred expeditions and his entire career has been involved with developing leadership and potential in others both in the army and in civilian life.  He continues to lead several expeditions a year to remote communities and regions of the planet: each expedition has a medical, scientific or conservation focus.

'John has had a profound influence on generations of explorers. He is highly respected not just for leading innovative expeditions but for founding Operation Drake and Operation Raleigh with Prince Charles and encouraging thousands of young people worldwide to face challenges and believe in themselves.  His vision, inspirational leadership, compassion and courage continue to inspire me.  And he is a wonderful storyteller with some extraordinary experiences to share.'
Sir Ranulph Fiennes

A superb after dinner and lunchtime speaker John has a broad range of hilarious anecdotes to draw upon from meeting Emperor Haile Selassie to delivering a piano to the Wai Wai tribe: 

LISTEN to an excellent short Clip: JBS entertains a BBC Radio 4 audience on Museum of Curiosity

John is available for after dinner talks, conference keynote talks and addresses to the Board.  He is also a popular speaker at schools and universities.

John’s presentations on leadership focus on the two aspects of leadership that he believes to be essential: communication and inspiration.  He draws on his vast experience on expedition to illustrate and emphasize his key messages.  John inspires others to ‘dare to achieve’.  His stories of expeditions to remote parts of the world are delivered with humour that audiences really appreciate.  However John also discusses the risks and hazards on expedition and the importance of being prepared and remaining flexible and continuing to think clearly and creatively when you are under real pressure. 

‘A leader in the best of moulds - he cares for those he leads.'

Bear Grylls


‘John was absolutely brilliant.’


JBS has so many extraordinary stories - many think he is the original (British) Indiana Jones!

How to book John Blashford-Snell?

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