Geoff - a huge thank you for your after dinner speech on Friday night. Your speech was perfect, moving, inspirational and humorous - many congratulations.


James Brickell gave an exceptional talk at our annual Galapagos Day event at the Royal Geographical Society for our 350 guests. His fascinating stories of the perils of underwater filming and his stunning footage captivated our audience, and many wished he could have spoken for longer - his enthusiasm was infectious! Our attendees rated his talk very highly, with one audience member even commented that James should spend more time in front of the camera! James was an absolute pleasure to work with and we would definitely recommend him as a speaker.

Galapagos Conservation Trust

It was an excellent day and Geoff’s presentation was most definitely a highlight. I looked around the room when he was presenting and there wasn’t one person who wasn’t transfixed and I know from speaking to delegates afterwards that many were not only holding back their emotions but incredibly inspired by his journey in life . It certainly helped us all to put so many things into perspective.

I’ve seen Geoff present twice now and would never tire of hearing from him. So humble, yet humorous and so ordinary but incredible.


Dee was great and our guests thoroughly enjoyed her motivational speech. Dee was very down to earth - a great speaker!

Allianz Insurance

Andy Pag’s after-dinner speech struck the right balance between entertainment and information and it was very well received. He’s a very pleasant and very knowledgeable person: we really enjoyed meeting him.

Hart Energy